12 Weeks to a Healthier You!

Are you tired of the way you feel or fit in your clothes?  Did you have a New Year’s Resolution to lose weight or “get healthier” but have since fallen off track?  Are you looking for something that’s going to work for you?  Then welcome to the 12 Week Program, designed with YOU in mind!

It only takes 12 weeks to create a healthier you! This 12 week program is focused on strength training circuits using your upper body, lower body, and core! It's designed with YOU in mind. Workouts can be done anywhere, in under 30 minutes, with only a set of dumbbells!

12 Weeks to a Healthier You!

I’m sure many of you have seen the “80 Day Obsession” obsession going on right now, am I right?  Or maybe you’ve seen everyone and their Mother doing a “Whole30” this January?  While I find those programs great, and yield great results, are they maintainable???  After the “80 Day Obsession” then what?  Do you go back to your normal workouts?  After a “Whole30” do you go back to eating what you ate before?  I’m sick and tired of all of these workout programs or diets that are super intense and crazy and work wonders, only to revert back to normal habits once it’s completed.

Becoming a healthier you isn’t about doing it for 30 days, or for 80.  It’s about doing it for the rest of your life.  You hear a lot about a “lifestyle change” and that’s exactly what it should be!  Now maybe the “80 Day Obsession” or “Whole30” will kick start that all for you, and if so, PERFECT!  That’s exactly the meaning for those types of programs.  But that’s not always the case (think about all those Biggest Loser contestants that have put the weight back on…).  Because of this, I wanted to create something different.  Something maintainable.  And so, the 12 Week Program was built!

This program is designed with YOU in mind!  It’s flexible.  It can be done anywhere.  Every single workout takes 30 minutes OR LESS!  And all you really need is a set of dumbbells (but let’s be honest, you could totally use two bottles of wine, I wouldn’t judge!).   The whole point of it is to be maintained.  Once you’re done with the 12 weeks, start over and increase the intensity.  Build off of the exercises and circuits.  Interchange the exercises.  That’s the beauty of it.  It’s 12 weeks to a healthier you and then you can KEEP GOING!

It’s not complicated.  It’s not super intense.  But it is maintainable!  For longer than just the 12 weeks!

Let’s get down to the details.

The Details

Each week you will have 3-5 workouts, depending on your availability.  Obviously, the more days you can work out, the quicker you will see results, but remember, forward is forward.  Doesn’t matter how fast or how slow you go.  These workouts are strength training circuits.  So think squats, lunges, push-ups, dips, etc.

The 3 main workouts are an upper body, a lower body, and a total body circuit.  The remaining 2 are your choice of cardio, plus a core workout.  That’s it.  I give you a schedule to follow, but you can switch up your days as necessary.  This is all about you!

The 12 weeks is broken up into three, 4 week sections.  The first two weeks of each section are identical.  The next two weeks use the same workouts, but increase the number of reps, and have an additional bonus 😉  Each section gets slightly more difficult.  In the last section, there’s also a crazy cardio bonus workout you can choose to use as one of your cardio days!  It’s definitely a killer!

Here’s what it looks like.

12 Week Program Workout Schedule

Now that you understand what the workouts entail and how the schedule is laid out, let’s talk about the actual program.

The Program

Here’s what’s included:

  1. 12 weeks of workouts with pictures and descriptions explaining every single exercise. There are also ways to make them easier or harder.
  2. An invite to an accountability group where you can follow along with others just like you going through the program. You can also find short videos with demonstrations of every single exercise should you need more details!
  3. A bonus batch of healthy recipes included at the end! 11 different breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner ideas to help you stay on track!
  4. Plus, you can email me with questions, concerns, comments, or anything at any point! I promise to respond to your email within 48 hours.

All of this, for only $30.  That’s $2.50 A WEEK!  That’s basically your Starbucks coffee every Wednesday morning.  You really can’t beat it.

I WANT you to be successful.  I WANT you to become healthier and happier.  And I truly believe this 12 Week Program can do that for you!


Here’s what a few others are saying about the program:

Julie – “I was a complete newbie to strength training without machines. I had been wanting to do it at home for so long but intimidation kept me from trying! With the help of Kathleen’s videos and her encouragement and instruction in our online accountability group, I have been able to do these exercises on my own, at my convenience, in my own home! I have lost weight, become more toned and feel stronger! This program has given me so much confidence! I highly recommend it!”

Shannon – “Just Keep it Simple Fitness has created a program that is exactly what I have been looking for! It is realistic and yet challenging! The program is easy to work into your daily life as each workout is quick, yet effective! I love that with 20-25 minutes 4-5 days a week I am seeing real results!”

Katie – “The Just Keep It Simple Fitness program is so easy to fit into everyday life. I love that I can print out the step by step guide for each workout and do it while I am watching TV.”

Beverly – “Just Keep it Simple Fitness has been the perfect program for this first time Mom. The ability to do a quick workout at home while my son naps or early morning before he awakes has been great since I went back to work.”

Let’s Prove It!

To prove to you this program can work for you, I’m sharing the total body circuit for weeks 1 and 2.  Here it is.  Check it out.  If you like what you see, then you’ll like the rest of the program, I promise 🙂

This total body strength training circuit will target a number of muscles in your upper body and lower body. You'll work your quads and hamstrings, shoulders and triceps, plus your core! It's part of a 12 week program designed with YOU in mind!


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12 Week Program

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This 12 week program is designed with YOU in mind! All workouts are 30 minutes or less, can be done anywhere, and only require a set of dumbbells! You'll work your upper body, lower body, total body, and core in these strength training circuits! It's 12 weeks to a healthier you!

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