15 Healthy but Delicious Christmas Dessert Recipes!

I hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving!  I took a little time away from the blog to spend with family, relax, and recharge 🙂  But don’t worry, I’m back!  And now that it’s December, we’re getting right into the good stuff – the desserts!  I’ve got a ridiculously good looking list of 15 different Christmas dessert recipes for you to try this Holiday season and the best part??  They’re healthy!  Well… healthier!

Have your cake and eat it too!  Or cookies, or cheesecake!  You won't feel guilty this Holiday season biting into any one of these 15 Christmas dessert recipes because they're healthier versions of your favorites!

15 Healthy & Delicious Christmas Dessert Recipes

You guys know I’ve had a blast sharing so many recipes over the last few months in my Halloween and Thanksgiving posts, so it only makes sense for me to do a Christmas roundup!  I figured this time though, I’ll keep it to desserts.  Because really, many of the Thanksgiving dishes can be repeated for Christmas.

These desserts can truly help you stay on track this Holiday season!  If you’re looking for a few more tips to stay on track, check out How to Keep the Holidays Healthy, but Still FUN!!

And now, what you’ve all been waiting for – the Christmas dessert recipes!

The Recipes!

Peppermint Chocolate Bites – The Lean Green Bean

Just look at these beautiful bites! So festive and I’m sure they taste amazing! They’re no-bake (score!) and contain my absolute favorite Christmas combination – chocolate and peppermint! When you add the drizzled white chocolate on top, you’ve got perfection! Ps. Lindsay has seriously a MILLION recipes on The Lean Green Bean and they ALL look ridiculously amazing, you’ve got to check some out!

Peppermint Chocolate Bites - 15 Healthy and Delicious Christmas Dessert Recipes

Homemade Ferrero Rocher Truffles – Avocado Pesto

Anyone else love these truffles? We honestly NEVER buy them because they’re a bit expensive, but oh my goodness are they delicious! Which is why I am so excited to share this copy-cat recipe! You’ve got hazelnuts, and oats, and protein powder, and honey, and chocolate (duh!), what’s not to like??

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Christmas Cut-Out Cookies – Aroma Mama

Christmas cut-out cookies are some of the absolute best cookies!! One of my favorite traditions is decorating the cookies with my family, and this year Noah got to help (okay, more like just eat them but whatever)! These cut-out cookies are super special though! They contain some very unique ingredients, some I’ve never heard before, but for a very good reason. It’s an autoimmune paleo recipe and free of the top 8 most common food allergens! So if you’ve got family or friends super sensitive to certain foods, these cookies are definitely for you!

Cut Out Cookies - 15 Healthy and Delicious Christmas Dessert Recipes

Popcorn Balls – Casey the College Celiac

Popcorn happens to be a weakness of mine. (Have you ever tried adding M&M’s to your popcorn right when it comes out?? The inside of the M&M’s melt, but the outside stay hard, just as advertised and the combination with the popcorn is literally to-die-for!!) So you can bet I’m super excited to try these little guys out! This recipe uses store bought popcorn, but I bet you could make your own. In addition, it’s got other goodies like a banana and dates!

Brown Sugar Mixed Berry Cobbler – Cooking with Books

Mmmmm, I can’t say I’ve had a berry cobbler in a very long time, but that’s about to change now that I’ve seen this recipe! Grab a bag of your favorite frozen berries and then you only need a few other ingredients for this simple dessert! You only need to make the filling and then the topping. Piece of cake! So adding the ice cream on top is probably not the healthiest choice, but it looks delicious!

Berry Cobbler - 15 Healthy and Delicious Christmas Dessert Recipes

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake – Peace Love and Low Carb

You have to check this one out RIGHT NOW! I’m not kidding, go make this first, then read the rest of these. Why? Because it only take 2 minutes to make this deliciously chocolatey cake! Mix up your ingredients, add it to a ramekin (or a mug or little bowl, because let’s be honest, I don’t own a ramekin…), and then microwave! It’s like a mug cake, but better! Plus, how can you resist chocolate and peanut butter combined? This will likely turn into an “all the time” dessert, rather than a Christmas one.

Cherry Avocado Chocolate Mousse – Happy Foods Tube

How cute are these adorable little shots of chocolatey goodness?! And the cherry on top? Well, it’s the cherry on top… literally. You’re probably thinking avocado in a shot glass? And the answer is yes, always yes! This dessert is sweet and creamy with a subtle hint of cherry and the avocado gives it a great texture! There’s only six ingredients and sugar is NOT one of them, but I bet they’ll taste sweet enough for you!

Cherry Avocado Chocolate Mousse - 15 Healthy and Delicious Christmas Dessert Recipes

Low Carb Cheesecake – Wholesum Yum

Cheesecake is ALWAYS a great option for dessert! And one that only uses 8 ingredients, plus only takes 10 minutes to prep? Count me in! This cheesecake has that perfect buttery crust, and a sweet and dense filling. It’s low carb and sugar free! Go ahead and eat it plain (my favorite) or top it with berries, or chocolate, or whatever else you like, you really can’t go wrong!

Gingerbread Cookies – Rhian’s Recipes

Any cookie that needs decorating is a great cookie in my book! And these gingerbread men are just adorable! Like similar recipes above, there’s a small number of ingredients needed and sugar isn’t one of them! To me, gingerbread cookies are such a classic and it would be a shame to miss out on those classic characteristics… but these cookies are crispy and chewy and have that amazing scent that will leave your whole house smelling fantastic!

Gingerbread Cookies - 15 Healthy and Delicious Christmas Dessert Recipes

Banana Chocolate Chip Cookies – Country Chic Cottage

I’ve always had a soft spot for recipes with bananas (why do you think the few recipes I have on this blog all use bananas?? Overnight oats, and overnight oats, and muffins) and these cookies are no exception! They’re moist and sweet and delicious. You’ve got your classic ingredients in there including oats and flour and brown sugar, and they’re so simple to make. Another all year round dessert really!

No-Bake Gingerbread Date Balls – Two Healthy Kitchens

These little date balls are so stinking cute!! What I love about these (other than their looks) is how simple they are to make, you can freeze them (hello meal prep!), and they’ve got that classic gingerbread taste! Oh, did I mention they’re no bake?? Roll them in nuts when you’re done for an extra crunch.

Gingerbread Date Balls - 15 Healthy and Delicious Christmas Dessert Recipes

Homemade Toffee – The Rising Spoon

Oh My! Who doesn’t love a good toffee?? This one has honey and sugar and almonds and dark chocolate, but guess what? No corn syrup!! Woohoo! They’re sweet and a little bit salty with a perfect crunch (a balance between not crunchy enough and too crunchy to where your teeth hurt eating it).

Raspberry Thumbprint Cookies – Fit Foodie Find

My mom used to make thumbprint cookies, so these have a soft spot in my heart! Not only are they adorable (a perfect way to spice up any Holiday plate or table), but they’re also easy to make and grain free! Plus, the raspberry filling is perfect – only three ingredients!  You’ve got a delicious and chewy cookie, then a sweet and gooey filling.  It doesn’t get much better than that.

Raspberry Thumbprint Cookies - 15 Healthy and Delicious Christmas Dessert Recipes

Coconut Protein Bounty Balls – One Clever Chef

I LOVE no bake desserts (if you couldn’t tell…) and these taste just like a popular candy bar! I won’t tell you which one, so you’ll have to go check them out yourself! They use protein powder too, which is great because they’ll help you feel fuller and then you won’t eat too many. Although, Gabriel warns you they’re highly addictive, and I believe him! This recipe is paleo, gluten free, flourless, vegan, dairy free… whew, oh and guilt free 😉

Peanut Butter Cookies  – Savory Tooth

My mom used to make delicious peanut butter cookies and she’d put raisins in them… but I never liked the raisin part, so she’d make a few just for me! Aren’t moms the best?! Anyways, these peanut butter cookies look fantastic! I just love how you use a fork to create those beautiful lines in them! There’s seriously only 4 ingredients for this recipe, that’s it! Absolutely ridiculous and I can’t wait to try them!

Peanut Butter Cookies - 15 Healthy and Delicious Christmas Dessert Recipes

And there you have it, 15 amazing Christmas dessert recipes just waiting for you to try them out!

Do you have a favorite Christmas dessert recipe you’d like to see on here?  Let me know in the comments!

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These Christmas dessert recipes are a perfect option if you're looking to indulge this year without having to go up a pant size!  They're sweet and delicious cookies, cheesecake, no-bake bites and so much more!  Have a healthy Holiday, but keep it delicious!

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