15 Health & Fitness Stocking Stuffers Under $25

We are down to the wire.  Christmas is in one week (from tomorrow) and if you’re anything like me, you’re not quite done shopping… those of you that are, please teach me your ways!  I think what kills me is the stocking.  See, I have all the big ticket items bought, but I forget about the stocking!!  And I don’t want to spend a fortune filling it up.  So I’ve decided to come up with a list of 15 health and fitness stocking stuffers you can shove in there this year to put a smile on their face!

It's almost time for Christmas, so check out these health and fitness stocking stuffers all under $25! Perfect for that fitness lover in your life!

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Health & Fitness Stocking Stuffers

First of all, if you haven’t gotten all of your big ticket items, then you’ll want to take a look at my 75 Health & Fitness GIFT IDEAS!  Now that that’s taken care of, you can focus on the stocking.  These health and fitness stocking stuffers cover a wide range of products and prices, so I’m sure you’ll find something to love.  Don’t wait though, Christmas is almost here!

These health and fitness stocking stuffers are all under $25 and are perfect for that fitness lover in your life! Fill their stocking without breaking the budget this year!

 1.Gloves/Hats/Headbands – So this is a 3 for 1! Find a cute and effective pair of gloves or hat or headband that they can use for an outdoor workout, like a run.  Needs to be stylish, but also keep them warm.  Here are a few favorites.

2.  Chapstick – Everybody could use another chapstick right? They’re so easy to misplace so having a stash is super handy.  This brand is my favorite!  Gotta go with the classic mint!

3.  Socks – this may seem like a silly one, but just like chapstick, socks tend to go missing, or holes appear out of nowhere. Find a sweet pair of socks they’ll love, like these!

4.  Wrist stash – Trying to run while holding your phone, or key, or credit, or money, or whatever else is super annoying. Buy them one of these cute wrist stashes and they can fill it up with all of those things!

5.  Resistance bands – Bands are a perfect way to get in a workout anywhere! And they’re small enough you can pack them anywhere… like a stocking!

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6.  Ear phones – Ear buds tend to fall out of my ears, all the time! And it’s quite annoying.  So find a pair that will stay on no matter what type of workout they’re doing.

7.  Protein bars – FOOD. You really can’t go wrong when it comes to food.  So look for a delicious protein bar and stuff a few inside!  (bonus points if you make some of my energy bites and package those up!)

8.  Wipes – Know someone who works out at the gym and doesn’t have time to shower after? These wipes will come in handy to help them look cool and refreshed even after a killer workout.

9.  Collapsible reusable water bottle – How cool is this water bottle? It collapses, which means it takes up way less space (more room to stuff other things in that stocking)!  Perfect for a person who doesn’t want to pack a bulky water bottle with them when they go to the gym!

10.  Stress relief ball – Not only are these good for stress relief, but they’re also great for hand and wrist strength. Plus you can find them in adorable varieties!  So maybe when you’re shopping, you could get one for yourself too 😉

11.  Wrist straps – Got a weight lifting lover? Cleans and power cleans?  Wrist straps are such a great gift because they can help grip and keep someone from worrying too much about dropping the bar!

12.  Arm band for phone – Similar to the wrist stash, but this arm band goes on your upper arm and it enables you to use your phone for music as you workout!

13.  Cooling towel – Such a great little towel to help you cool off after an intense workout!  Just add cold water 🙂

14.  1lb mini kettlebell paper weight – Okay, but seriously, how cute is this???  I know it won’t actually help you in a workout, but if you’ve got a serious fitness lover, this is PERFECT for their desk!

15.  Healthy snacks – Again, you really can’t go wrong with food.  So give them a few snacks they won’t feel badly indulging in!

It’s Time to Shop!

Time is running out, so don’t miss out on these quick, simple, and healthy fitness stocking stuffers all under $25!!!  If you buy some for yourself, I won’t judge 😉

Do you have a favorite stocking stuffer I missed?  Let me know so I can add it to my list!

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