3 Ways Music Affects Your Workout

Music is EVERYWHERE. And it can make or break so many moments. Imagine watching a movie with no score? Or driving to work without turning on the radio? Or warming up for a championship game without a playlist? In each of those cases, music makes them better. And the same is true for your workouts!  But how??

3 Ways Music Affects Your Workout - for the better!

How Music Affects Your Workout

I’m a very factual person. Maybe that’s part of my engineering background, or maybe I’m just a nerd.  Either way, here are the facts; here’s how music affects your workout.  It’s pretty simple really, and makes a ton of sense!

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    1. Music has a tendency to distract you from your workout. And this is a good thing because distractions are known to reduce the sensation of fatigue and pain. If you don’t feel fatigued, then you’ll continue working out harder and longer.
    2. Your brain can actually synchronize with the beat of the song. This is awesome because it can help you perform repetitive motions more quickly. Picking an up-tempo song will help you naturally pick up your pace to match the beat.
    3. Chemicals such as dopamine and opioids are released when listening to music. These are your “feel – good” chemicals that improve your mood.  And who wants to work out when your mood is in the dumps?

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    Not All Music is Equal!

    I think music is such an essential part of every workout and personally, I have a hard time getting a good workout in if I don’t have anything playing.

    But not all music is created equal. If you’re about to finish up your last mile in a marathon, do you really want Taylor Swift’s “Teardrops on my Guitar” playing? As much as I love Tay Tay, that’s not going to motivate me to finish strong. You want to make sure your music speaks to the activity that you’re doing.

    If you’re stretching, or going through a yoga workout, slower songs are a good bet. If you’re powering through a HIIT workout, you need something fast paced and upbeat. Because I’m more of a HIIT workout kind of gal (I know I should get into yoga, but I have this thing about sweating…) check out some of my favorite songs to listen to while I kill my work out!

    Top Workout Songs

    If you’re more into following a station so you don’t have make a playlist, I really like Pandora!  Some good ones to follow are;

    • Pop and Hip Hop Power Workout
    • Pop Fitness Radio
    • Dance Cardio Radio
    • Rap Strength Training
    • Country Fitness

    Now What?

    So now you’ve got some tunes, or a station, but what do you do with it?  Well, you could obviously just listen to them while you workout and you’ll gain those benefits I talked about above.  Or you could find some “one song workouts” to follow.  Pinterest is your best bet for those!  Or you could make up your own workout with a unique playlist.  Pick a bunch of your favorite songs, slow and fast.  Choose a certain length each song will play; 15sec, 30sec, 45sec, whatever you want.  Then pick an exercise for each song.  If it’s a slow song, try a slower exercise like a push up.  For a faster song, choose something harder such as a jump squat.  Now turn on your playlist and perform the exercise for that song until the song changes!  This is a really cool way to listen to your favorite tunes, get a good sweat on, and the options are endless!

    However you decide to include music in your workout, make it fun, make it simple, and make it something you WANT to work out to 🙂  Because as we just learned, it’s a key element to your workout!

    Need some workouts to try out your new songs?  Check these out!

    What are some of your favorite workout songs? Leave a comment so the rest of us can include it in our own playlist!



    7 thoughts on “3 Ways Music Affects Your Workout

    1. I definitely use music to motivate me to start and finish my workout. If I start to get tired running on the treadmill or outside and want to give up, I make myself wait until the current song ends and then usually I am able to go even farther!

      1. Oh I like that idea a lot! Thanks so much for sharing, I’ll have to remember it the next time I’m on a treadmill!

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