75 Health and Fitness Gifts for the Fitness Fanatic in Your Life!

It’s that time again!  The most wonderful time of the year!  Don’t be caught unprepared for that fitness lover in your life!  There are a MULTITUDE of fitness gifts for your runner, or yogi, or clean eater and this list makes it easy to find a gift for each one.

It's that time of year again! Christmas is right around the corner and this list of fitness gifts has you covered! Whether your fitness fanatic is looking for exercise equipment or gear, clothing or food, or even subscription boxes, this holiday list has it all!

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75 Health and Fitness Gifts for the Fitness Fanatic in Your Life!

Alright people, let’s cut to the chase.  The holidays are upon us.  Black Friday will be here before you know it, and then Christmas!  And if you’re anything like me, you’re scrambling to think what you can get for each of those special people in your life!  If you’ve got a craftsy wife, or hunter of a brother… well I can’t help you there… but if you have a fitness fanatic, I’ve got you covered with this amazing list of fitness gifts!  I’ve broken it up into 5 easy categories to get you started.  This list is obviously not all-inclusive, but I’m hoping it will give you some great ideas and maybe even spark a different gift idea!


The options are literally endless here… I’ve just hit on the main ones because I don’t want to bore you!  From larger pieces to smaller pieces, to outdoor gear, to yoga gear, it’s all covered!

If you have a serious cardio junkie, or just a fitness junkie that you really love and really want to spend a good chunk of money, I recommend any of the larger cardio pieces.  Think about space and quality when choosing one.

1. Treadmill

2. Elliptical

3. Spinning Bike

4. Recumbent Bike

Outdoor gear or sporting gear is also a great choice. The season is really a big factor and knowing the size of your friend would definitely be helpful!  Really there are too many sports and gifts, I could spend all 75 on them, so here’s a VERY TINY selection to help you get started.

5. Hiking boots

6. Snowboard

7. Tennis Racket

8. Mountain Bike

9. Tent

Smaller pieces are cheaper (and easier to wrap!), and you could truly help them build their own home gym! Check out the only two pieces of equipment I feel are necessary for a home gym here.

10. Bar

11. Weights

12. Dumbbells

13. Kettlebell

14. Medicine ball

15. Swiss ball

16. Resistance bands

17. Jump rope

18. Ab roller

19. Bosu ball

Kettle Bell - 75 Fitness Gifts

Yoga has become HUGE!  And for good reasons!  There’s so many options out there for your yogi it’s almost overwhelming!

20. Mat

21. Blocks

22. Mat carrier

23. Foam roller

24. Towel

Subscription Services

These are the coolest things EVER!  Your wife/brother/mother or whoever will love you if you get them a 3 month subscription!

Who wouldn’t want healthy snacks delivered to their door every month??? Although, knowing me, I’d eat it all in the first day… Some of my favorite snacks are my oatmeal peanut butter energy bites and honey banana muffins, but you’d have to make those.  Just buying a box is easier!

25. Graze – 8 snacks every two weeks for $14

26. Healthy Surprise – 15 full size snacks for $42.50 once a month

27. Love with Food – all natural, organic or gluten free snacks for $8 a month

28. Urth Box – several packages, the smallest is 6+ snacks for $20 a month

29. Sun Basket – you choose every recipe

30. FitSnack – you get healthy snacks and a workout!

Tons of people are using Stitch Fix, the popular clothing subscription, but there are one’s JUST FOR ATHLETIC GEAR!  Which is pretty much my entire closet anyway… oh just me?

31. Ellie Fitness – 3 items for $40 a month or 5 items for $50 a month

32. Her Fit Club – 4 choices whether it be just clothing, or clothing and shoes, clothing and beauty products, or clothing and a piece of equipment

33. Sweat Style – this is just like Stitch Fix where they send you items and you can decide which ones you want to keep and you only pay for those!  There’s no styling fee though!

34. Wantable Fitness Edit – Just like Sweat Style but this one requires a styling fee

So a “workout” subscription box isn’t really delivered to your door, but you could purchase your workout-a-holic a subscription to workouts available online.  Beachbody is a very popular one because it includes awesome workouts like P90x, Insanity, and T25.

35. BeachBody – about $12 a month for a whole slew of workouts, nutrition advice and more!

36. Daily Burn – $15 a month for over 600 workouts!

37. Yoga download – $12 a month for over 1400 online yoga classes!

38. The Gym Box – less than $10 a month for 3800 full length workouts!

39. Crunch Live – $10 a month for over 38 workouts plus individualized workout plans

40. OR you could get on the list for my 12 week workout program that will be rolling out in January of 2018!  It’s a mix of upper, lower, total body and core workouts, plus a bonus book of recipes!

Meal delivery subscription boxes are probably the ones people are most familiar with! I remember first trying Blue Apron myself and thinking that cooking will never be the same!  Now there are a bazillion different options for any kind of foodie.

41. Blue apron – several plans for either 2 person or family

42. Hello Fresh – again, several plans and there is even a veggie option!

43. Door To Door Organics – this is a tad different in that you can choose which produce box you want, and then they recommend different recipes.  You have to buy the extra ingredients though to make those recipes.

44. Plated – just like Blue Apron and Hello Fresh

45. Home Chef – similar to all the others!  Honestly at this point, it’s your preference on which subscription you’d like to do…

46. Farm to People – farmers market box, or several other unique boxes

Subscription Boxes - 75 Fitness Gifts


What fitness fanatic doesn’t love new workout gear?  Most days you’ll catch me working out in an old t-shirt and soccer shorts, but there’s just something about wearing bright colored leggings and a tight tank top that makes working out feel BETTER!  I’ll keep it really simple here, but it honestly depends on the giftee.  So these are just a few examples of what you could get!


47. Leggings

48. Shorts

49. Capris

50. Socks – compression ones are great for recovery!


51. Sports bras – oh the varieties now!

52. Tank tops

53. T-shirts

54. Long sleeve

55. Hoodies

56. Jackets


57. Running shoes

58. Athletic shoes (for non running activities – think crossfit)

Running Shoes - 75 Fitness Gifts


59. Hats

60. Gloves

Gear and Electronics

This is where some of the fun (and potentially expensive) stuff comes in!

61. Fitbit – so many choices. I did a review of each of them here!

62. Pedometer

63. Apple watch

64. Running fanny pack with speaker!

65. Ear buds

66. Speakers

67. GoPro

68. Gym bag

69. Running Belt

Ear Buds - 75 Fitness Gifts


Anyone else think buying kitchen stuff is the most fun?  Utensils and coffee mugs, tea towels (do people use those anymore) and placemats!  So much fun and everything is so unique!  These gifts below though are perfect kitchen items with fitness in mind.

70. Food Scale

71. Blender

72. Water bottle

73. Bottle for protein shakes

74. Lunch box

75. Meal prep containers

In the End

And there you have it – 75 fitness gifts for almost any fitness lover you can think of!  It covers everything from major equipment to subscription boxes, and kitchen items to apparel.  I’m pretty sure I’d be ecstatic if my husband got me almost ANYTHING from this list!  (hint hint babe!)

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Have a fitness fanatic in your life? I've got you covered for the holidays this year! From exercise gear to food, from subscription boxes to clothing, this list has it all! Check out these 75 fitness gifts that will make you Christmas a whole lot easier!

Are there other fitness gifts you can think of that didn’t make the list?!  I’d love to hear about them so I can update it before Christmas, or for next year!

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