Think You Don’t Have Time to be Healthy? Think Again!

I get it, you’re busy.  You have a million and one things going on.  Your to-do list is never ending.  Whether you work full time, part time, or you stay home, your day is full.  Every single day.  Plus, you have kids.  So there’s no way you can possibly be healthier than you currently are.  You just don’t have time to be healthy.  Right?  Wrong.  There’s so many little tips and tricks you can incorporate into your day that will slowly improve your overall health!  How you ask?  Let me show you!

Think You Don't Have Time to be Healthy?  Think Again!

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So You Think You Don’t Have Time to be Healthy?

Before we dive too deep into living a healthier life, I want to reassure you that I’m not talking about overhauling your entire life.  I wouldn’t do that to you.  I’m all about keeping fitness simple.  Working things into your current life to help you out.  I truly believe that healthy living doesn’t need to be complicated, fancy, or expensive.  In fact, the reason I started Just Keep it Simple Fitness was to prove that to you!  It’s the whole concept behind my business!

So I’m going to break it down for you into two main categories – food and fitness.  You’ll get simple tips and tricks with regards to your diet and your exercise habits and how to improve them!

Here we go.


Go ahead and repeat yourself.  You don’t have time to be healthy.  Okay, well maybe you could sneak in a workout here and there, but you definitely don’t have time to cook every meal.  Especially if you’re expected to make every meal healthy.  That takes way too long.  I, too, thought this was true for a long time.  But I’m happy to tell you I was wrong.

Overnight Oats - Think you don't have time to be healthy?  Think again!

Here are some options for you.

If you like to cook, but find yourself cooking meals that aren’t exactly health conscious, you can:

  1. Try out one of those awesome meal plan services (Blue Apron, Hello Fresh, etc.) They deliver healthy and delicious meals right to your door, every single week!  My husband and I really enjoyed trying these out because we ended up making so many meals that we never would have tried originally.  In the end though, we decided to stop because the money adds up.
  2. Check out any of these amazing and healthy cook books (Skinnytaste, Trim Healthy Mama, The Shredded Chef – yes he’s the one who cooks without his shirt on :)). They’ll give you great ideas and so many of them don’t include crazy ingredients that you need to specially buy.
  3. Look up some popular apps on your phone for inspiration.  Nom is an awesome one where you can watch videos of food bloggers making meals!
  4. There are SO many blogs out there for simple and healthy meals.  A few of my personal favorites are The Lean Green Bean, Fit Foodie Finds, and Food Faith Fitness

If you don’t like to cook, you can:

  1. Look for healthy restaurant options. Panera is always a good choice.  I absolutely love their salads.  CoreLife Eatery is a new (well, new to me!) healthy option that has delicious bowls!  Jason’s Deli and Chipotle are also good options (just don’t order a massive burrito with all the fixings…)
  2. Pick healthier options at your favorite restaurants by checking out the Eat This Not That website.  This article shares the healthiest option at 40 different popular restaurants. Or this similar article from the Food Network.
  3. Make smarter choices when it comes to ordering
    1. Get the dressing on the side
    2. Drink water instead of a pop
    3. Ask to have your food cooked without the butter
    4. Go for a veggie or fruit side instead of fries
    5. Choose grilled over fried
    6. Choose fish over red meat
    7. Eat half and take home the rest

Honey banana muffins - Think you don't have time to be healthy?  Think again!

Here’s some general ideas for making your diet a little bit healthier:

  1. Start with small changes. Cut out one pop a day for a week.  Then drop the second one.  This works for anything that you’d like to cut from your diet.
  2. Snack smart. Try some peanut butter energy bites, or banana honey muffins  instead of a donut, or bagel.  Eat pretzels and hummus or almonds instead of Cheetos.
  3. Start your day off on the right foot. You’re much more likely to choose healthier options later in the day if you eat overnight oats, or an omelet for breakfast rather than cereal.
  4. If you can find the time to meal prep over the weekend, do it! You’ll save yourself some time throughout the week and you’ll make better choices during the day!  This is how I like to meal prep, but there are SO many different ways it can be done.
  5. Plan your dinners ahead of time so you aren’t scrambling last minute. Before you go grocery shopping, use a template like this one from Welcome to the Family Table, to create your meals and build your list.  Then you know exactly what you’re having for dinner each night and don’t have to think about it.  Don’t forget to incorporate leftovers in there!!
  6. Cut up your veggies right when you get home from the store. Go ahead and chop your celery and carrots and peppers and whatever other veggies you like, right when you get home.  Stash them in these awesome Tupperware containers and then, when you need a snack, you’ve got healthy options readily available.
  7. Try to eat more protein and drink more water each day.  These will help you feel more full and keep you from overeating.


Maybe I’ve convinced you that you can start to make healthier choices when it comes to eating, but there’s no way you’re going to get stronger and leaner and lose weight because you just don’t have time to go to the gym.  Or maybe you don’t like working out.  But you definitely don’t have time to be healthy.  Let me prove you wrong!

Plank - Think you don't have time to be healthy?  Think again!

There are several steps you’re going to want to take in order to make fitness “fit” into your life.

  1. The first thing you absolutely NEED to do is find something you like! Find a program that FITS YOU!  What’s awesome about this, is that there are literally a million different choices out there. I wrote a post about making your exercise work for you that might help you out here too!
    • You need to decide what type of exercising you like to do. Is it strength training?  Cardio? Plyometrics?  Crossfit?
    • You also need to figure out how long you’d like to work out. Some programs have hour long workouts which I know just don’t work for me.  I try to keep mine all around 30 minutes or less, but it’s totally up to you.
    • Another necessity is to figure out if you’re looking for something that is maintainable, that you can keep doing for months and months on end. Or are you wanting an intense program designed for major progress in a short amount of time that has a specific end date.  Personally, I go for maintainable.  I don’t want to start something, only to find myself looking for a new program when it’s over.  If I can just repeat the program with a few adjustments, great!
    • Lastly, pick your program
      1. You’ve got Insanity and P90x. Both super reputable and great!  And now there’s the 80 Day Obsession or any one of the other BeachBody programs out there.
      2. There’s Jillian Michaels of course, and a million other popular trainers with videos.
      3. Don’t forget about my 12 week program that I bet you’ll love!
      4. And of course, if you want your own plan, find a personal trainer (like me!) to write you up a personalized program
      5. You could also try to make your own plan. I talk about how to do that here – How to build your own workout plan in 6 easy steps.
      6. Many gyms offer group fitness classes that are almost always amazing!
      7. Or maybe you like to just find new workouts randomly to try out. I’ve got a bunch here you could look into.  And there’s a ton f awesome fitness bloggers that share workouts (Nourish Move Love, Lauren Gleisberg, Pumps & Iron, PB Fingers)
  2. Next, you need to find a time that works for you. Your three basic options are early morning, middle of the day, or in the evening.  Now, if you’re a stay at home Mom or Dad, you may have some other options and you’ll find this post helpful – How to find the time to work out as a mom (sorry Dad’s, I guess I didn’t make that post gender neutral…)
    • Early Morning – this is great if you get home late in the evenings and if you know that once your day is done, the last thing you want to do is get sweaty. I love working out in the morning because it really makes me feel better for the rest of the day!  And I do choose to be healthier knowing that I worked out earlier.  It’s all about the right mindset and working out in the morning gives that to me.
      1. Pick out both your workout clothes and your work outfit the night before. That way you’re ready to go as soon as your feet hit the floor.  I don’t always look cute when I work out, but honestly, it does help!  Try these awesome leggings and tank tops!
      2. Put your phone (or whatever you use as your alarm) across the room so you need to actually get out of bed to turn it off
      3. Set your coffee machine to be ready as soon as you’re done with your workout. We have this simple one and I’ve loved it!
      4. Have your breakfast already made so you just need to get it out (overnight oats) or heat it up (some kind of egg cup)
    • Middle of the Day – this is great if you get an hour or longer break for lunch and especially if you have an office gym or one close by. When I worked in Pittsburgh, I loved working out in the middle of the day because it really broke up the long 10 hour work day and gave me more energy to tackle the afternoon work load!
      1. Pack your gym bag the night before with everything you’re going to need. A towel, water bottle, workout clothes, shoes, socks, soap, shampoo, hair dryer, and whatever else.
      2. Have your workout planned ahead of time so you don’t waste precious minutes figuring out what you’re going to do.
      3. Bring extra snacks for the afternoon in addition to your lunch because you’ll likely be hungrier! Same goes for water!
    • Evening – this is great for those of you that already get into work early (no chance would I get up at 4am to workout, sorry it’s just not happening, I like sleep way too much), or don’t have a long lunch break. I used to work out after work every day when I didn’t have a kid and it just became such a good routine!
      1. Have you stuff either packed (if you’re heading to a gym after) or laid out and ready to go so you can immediately get started in your workout.
      2. Eat a light snack beforehand so you aren’t absolutely starving and trying to work out.

I’ve honestly tried each one of these three varieties out and there are pros and cons to all, so you just need to decide what’s going to work for YOU!

Working Out - Think you don't have time to be healthy?  Think again!

Here’s some more general fitness related ideas for you to check out!

  1. Park farther away so you need to walk more to get into work.
  2. Buy an activity tracker (like a fitbit, or a garmin) for accountability. They can be super stylish and will help you track so many different facets of your life including food, your workout, and your sleep.  I love my fitbit for so many reasons!
  3. Use a standing desk rather than sit all day. This has been huge for me as I have an office job.  I feel so much better switching between standing and sitting throughout the day!
  4. Take breaks throughout the day to get up and refill your water, or try some seated exercises.
  5. Add some exercises into your everyday chores. If you’re doing laundry, squat after every fold.  Do some leg lifts while you brush your teeth.
  6. Create your own home gym so you don’t have to worry about driving to one. See what pieces of equipment I think are necessary here – Build your own home gym with one two pieces


While there are likely a ton of other ways you can become healthier, these are just a few options I recommend looking in to.  Try incorporating a few in the beginning and work your way up from there!  I promise you, in no time, you’ll start feeling better and you might even ENJOY it!

I hope you can now see that everyone has time to be healthy, it just takes a little bit of rearranging  🙂

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So you think you don't have time to be healthy?  Think again!  Check out all of these tips and tricks to improve your food and fitness without taking over your entire life!  #healthylife #livehealthy

What other tips or tricks do you have to living a healthy life??

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