How to Find the Time to Work Out as a Mom!

Any Mom’s out there (raising my hand!)?  Any new Momma’s (hand is still up!)?  Being a Mom is one of the toughest jobs ever, I’m sure I don’t need to convince you of that!  Some days it feels like a success when I can simply get dressed!  Other days I feel like supermom because I accomplished several tasks on my never ending to-do list!  Even though our children will always come first, we MUST take time for ourselves.  A happy Mom makes for happy children!

But how in the world do you work out when you have a baby??  When do you find the time (or the energy!)??  Check out these 5 options!

How to Find the Time to Work Out as a Mom
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Yes, that’s me and my sweet baby Noah when he was just four weeks old 🙂

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When to Work Out

  1. Workout when the baby naps.  I know what you’re thinking… DUH!  That’s a no-brainer!  But honestly it’s the best and easiest way to work out.  And if you have a fancy baby monitor like this one (affiliate link!), you can watch your little munchkin the whole time.  Try these workouts (May WOMApril WOMMarch WOM) to get a good sweat on while your baby sleeps!
  2. Workout while the baby watches!  So I totally understand this is not possible with all babies.  When Noah was just a few months old, he LOVED to watch me work out!  And it was AWESOME!  Now though, he is crawling all over the place.  So that makes it a tad more difficult because I have to stop all the time to bring him back to his toys.  I do occasionally set him in his exersaucer (affiliate link), but that only works for a short workout!  Go ahead and try out different options, see what your baby likes best!

    Baby watching a workout
    (Look how sweet and little he was at 6 weeks!)
  3. Workout WITH the baby!!  This is probably one of my favorite things!  Now that Noah is 17lbs, he’s at a great weight for me to lift!  A few shoulder presses, some squats, add in abs, and you’ve got a full body workout!  Stay tuned for next week when I post my June workout of the month with Noah!!
  4. Use the babysitter option at your gym.  I don’t go to a gym, and not all gyms have this amazing option, but if yours does, GO FOR IT!  Don’t feel bad leaving your baby there, trust me, they will love it.  You will feel so much more energized!
  5. Go for a run!  Noah absolutely loves being outside, and anytime we see someone walking a dog, he starts chatting up a storm!  It’s adorable!  I can’t tell you how awesome our Bob stroller (affiliate link) is, and I get such a good workout in while Noah happily watches the cars and people go by.  Win-win!  This also works with biking (if your little one is old enough for the seat!)

    Mom and baby going for a run
    (This was just a few days ago on our morning run! He’s getting so big!)

A Few Tips and Tricks

It’s not going to be easy.  I can’t promise your baby will always cooperate, but I CAN promise you’ll feel better!  More energized, happier, and ready to take on whatever your kiddo throws at you (metaphorically… or physically).

Give yourself a break.  Don’t expect to get in a fantastic workout every time and don’t expect to always get in 4 or 5 or 6 workouts a week.  I used to workout at least 5 days a week before having Noah, and now I’m happy just to get in 4.  But that’s OKAY!  So what if you have to take extra breaks during a workout.  It just adds to the variety!

Be flexible.  As you already know (or maybe you’re a soon-to-be Momma reading this, in which case, I’m sure you’ve been told by everyone and their mother), babies change their schedules all the time!  What might work for you one week, or one day, won’t work the next.  No big deal, just do what you can!  Whenever Noah is not cooperating with my workout, I go for a run.  This way I still get a good sweat, and I don’t have to worry about him.  When he’s playing well by himself, I’ll try a circuit!  It’s all about flexibility.

One Final Note

You’ve got this Momma!  Like I said before, being a Mom is the most rewarding and challenging job ever.  But I know I wouldn’t change it for the world.  And being able to keep up with my fitness makes me a better Mom.  I’m hopeful that he will grow up and learn to love to be active just like his Dad and I!  And I hope that for your family, too.  So get out there and get moving, however, and whenever you can!

How do you work out with a little one?  Any advice on how to work out with 2 little ones?

8 thoughts on “How to Find the Time to Work Out as a Mom!

  1. I love these tips! I’m not personally a mom yet ( I can’t wait, though!) but a lot of my friends and clients are. They’re always asking for good tips and now I have a few more to give them 🙂

    1. Thank you so much! I hope they are able to use some of the tips!! It is not always easy to work out with a little one, but I honestly think it makes me a better mom and I’m hopeful my son will grow up learning to love staying active and eating healthy!

    1. Aw that is great!! I think it’s fantastic when children are able to see their parents workout because it instills good habits for them in the future! Keep up the good work 🙂

  2. I love, love this post! I’m not a mama (someday!), but I often think about how much life changes after kiddos. I hope to be able to continue a healthy lifestyle after my hubs and I have a little one!

    1. Life definitely changes, but I’d say for the better!! And you most certainly can continue your healthy lifestyle! Not only does my little one work out with me but he eats whatever we’re eating, even salmon 🙂

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