6 Reasons Why I Love My Fitbit and You Will Too!

The health and fitness industry is chock full of gadgets and gizmos that can do a plethora of things.  Take fitness trackers for example, how many different varieties are out there and how many different options do they come with? Too many for me to list here that’s for sure.  So what’s the big deal with them?  And how do I know which one to pick?  It can be hard to determine when there are so many choices, but there is one that I truly believe is worth your time and investment – the Fitbit!

There are so many different fitness trackers out there, but the Fitbit is truly one of a kind. There are a ton of different options to pick from and each one comes with amazing features! Find out why I love my Fitbit and you will too!

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Why Do You Need a Fitness Tracker?

You don’t actually NEED a fitness tracker, but it is pretty cool to have!  There are so many different features included and it can really benefit your health and overall fitness.  Plus, I find wearing it addicting!  So here’s a few reasons (and features) why I love the Fitbit and honestly believe it is the fitness tracker for you!

  1. Keeps you accountable – This is such a huge factor in most aspects of life.  When it comes to fitness, you want to make it a lifestyle change.  Because the Fitbit is constantly on your wrist and connected to your phone, you have instant notification of how many steps you’ve taken, how active you’ve been, how much water you’ve drank and so on.  The Fitbit can also prompt you to get up and get moving, how’s that for accountability?
  2. Motivates you to do more –  We all have a little competitiveness in ourselves (I know I do!) and seeing a graph go from blue to green is satisfying.  If you’re so close to reaching your steps goal by the end of the night, I can almost guarantee you’ll be waking up and down the hallway until you hit it (not like I’ve done that before or anything :))! You wouldn’t have taken those extra steps if it wasn’t being tracked.
  3. Helps with your workout plan – You can log in your daily exercise and your Fitbit will convert that into calories!  Or, your Fitbit can automatically recognize when you’re working out and will log it for you.  This way you can look back and see what you’ve done throughout the week to help plan for next week.
  4. Helps you understand your sleeping habits – This is such a cool feature, probably one of my favorites!  Honestly, I think it takes a little while for the Fitbit to properly track your sleeping, but I love waking up in the morning and looking at my patterns. How often did I move throughout the night?  How restless was I?  What was my longest stretch of good sleep?  I actually really liked this when I was pregnant (I don’t recommend using it as a new mom – you don’t need to know how little you’re sleeping!).  On the newer versions, it can also tell you whether you were in light, deep, or REM sleep!
  5. Tracks your food and water intake – So this takes a bit more effort and honestly I’m too lazy to enter what I’ve eaten during the day but this can be super important for you if you’d like to understand your eating habits and how you can tweak them.  It’ll help you understand where your calories are coming from and maybe what you thought was healthy, really isn’t.  We all know water is a key part in keeping your body healthy, but it’s often hard to tell if we’re getting enough.  Logging in your water is a much easier task and can really ensure you’re staying hydrated throughout the day.
  6. Allows you to join a community of likeminded people – You can challenge your friends and see how they’re doing throughout the day. Or you can join the actual Fitbit community and see tips and tricks and recipes too.  Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is always easier when you have a supportive group behind you!

Those 6 reasons give you a quick glimpse of some of the awesome features, but let me break down the different Fitbit choices, how they differ, and what features are included!

Your Fitbit Choices

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    • Zip – This one is cheap and small.  It is your basic fitness tracker that clips to your waist band or belt or even your shoe! It can track your steps, distance covered and calories.  Two cool features are the long battery life and the large display that changes when you tap on it.  (~$60)

    • One – This is another clip on but a tad more expensive (and a bit bigger in size). What do you get for the extra money? It can track stairs in addition to steps, distance and calories. But it can also track your sleep. However, this requires you wear a band that you put the clip on in… so to me I’d just splurge on a wrist band Fitbit. The battery life isn’t a great as the Zip, but still not bad.  (~$100)

    • Flex 2 – This band is super slim and has a ton of different “looks”.  It’s also on the cheaper side!  In addition to the features both the Zip and One have, this Fitbit will automatically track your exercises can even be used for swimming.  Similarly, it’ll recognize when you’re sleeping and log that too.  But wait, there’s more! It’ll notify you if you’re being lazy (aka if you haven’t gotten 250 steps in an hour) and also if you’ve got a phone call or text message. The downside with this one?  The screen.  There isn’t one.  It only has a few LED lights, so you’ll have to log into the app to see any numbers.  (~$60)

    • Alta – This one is pretty similar to the Flex, however the style is different and one huge benefit? The OLED display! With the flex, you’ve got a few LED lights, but the Alta has a tap screen!  Other than that, it can do everything the Flex can do! (~$130)

    • Alta HR – This is a newer product and it’s just like the Alta, but a step up! Now you’ve got a heart rate monitor that is constantly working.  Honestly, I don’t know how accurate it is, but if you wear it enough and consistently, then at least you’ll be able to compare day to day.  This will help with calories burned too.  In addition, the Alta HR tracks your different sleep stages.  You will know how much time you spent in light, deep, and REM sleep. (~$150)  If you’re going for a more “styled” look, then the Alta 2 is probably your best bet with the most features.

    •  Charge 2 – The charge has a much thicker band.  And with that comes a bigger screen! Plus it has all the features from those above!  It can guide you through breathing sessions and connect to your phone for gps, which are two unique features. This is awesome because it will track your distance and pace and can encourage you along the way! (~$150)  If you don’t care about a bulkier band, then the Charge 2 would be a great choice because of all the great features plus the GPS!  I have the older Charge (the one without the heart rate and the seriously awesome large screen) and it’s been perfect for me!

    • Blaze – This is the first watch on the list.  Not a clip on, or a band, but a watch. So of course it’s a bit bigger and bulkier.  Of course you get all the other features of a Fitbit, so what’s different about this one? You can connect to your music, and the screen is in color!  There’s an onscreen summary after each workout too.  I guess you can also watch workout videos on it, but I’m not entirely sure how that would work well as it’s on your wrist… (~$200)

    • Surge – Honestly, I’m not sure what’s different about this one other than the look of it.  Doesn’t look like a watch, but is categorized as one.  Beats me? (~$200)

If you want to compare any of the products, check out Fitbit’s comparison tool, or take their quiz here.

With all of the products above, you get access to connect your Fitbit wirelessly to the amazing app.  This is where you’ll see those pretty charts and graphs and delve into the information it’s tracking.  It’s going to show you everything you want to know today, yesterday, the day before, and the day before that… you get the idea!

One Final Note

With a Fitbit on your wrist (or connected to you somehow), you’re going to have the ability to track your exercises, your food, your water, your sleep, and your heart rate.  Having that information will help you make better decisions, keep you accountable, and improve your overall health and fitness.  If I had to choose, I’d go with the Charge 2.  But each one has it’s own pros and cons, and money is always a factor too.  So scope them out, and pick the one that’s right for you!  I can almost guarantee you’ll love it 🙂

Which Fitbit do you wear?  Are there any other fitness trackers out there that you love?

8 thoughts on “6 Reasons Why I Love My Fitbit and You Will Too!

  1. Great post! I actually found my favorite “tracking” piece was the sleep. It was good for me to really know just how much I was (or wasn’t) getting. Especially when I started taking a new medication that was affecting my sleep patterns.

  2. I started with a wristband but ended up with the Fitbit One and I LOVE it! I love that I don’t have to wear anything on my wrist. I put my little One in the key pocket that is in most yoga leggings these days or just my pocket. It’s great.

    1. I never thought I would like a clip on tracker but honestly they seem awesome! It’s totally normal to have two trackers right 😂

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