Inspiration for 2018 – Simple Tips for the New Year

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas!!  I have a special gift for all of you – another blog hop!  This time we’re focusing on inspiration for 2018!  Whether that’s health and fitness, having a healthy year financially, or making sure you’re truly present.  Check out these blog posts from a few friends and have a blessed New Year!

Inspiration for 2018

Let’s start the New Year off right with some amazing tips from amazing bloggers!  We’ve got a little bit of everything for you here!

Build Your Own Workout Program – Just Keep it Simple Fitness

Start this New Year off with a workout program you’ll actually stick with!  Why?  Because you can create it yourself.  So add in the stuff you like, and leave out the stuff you don’t!  You’re much more likely to continue working out if you enjoy it.

Create your very own personalized workout plan according to YOUR needs and YOUR schedule!

365 Day Savings Challenge – Mission:  to Save

Want to have a healthy bank account this year?  Check out this savings challenge from Mary at Mission: to Save!  You start with only pennies, but by the end, you’ve got a solid chunk of change!

365 Day Savings Challenge - Inspiration for 2018

How to Stay Healthy While Traveling – Zen Life and Travel

Planning on traveling a lot this year?  Katie’s got you covered with awesome tips and tricks to working out while you’re away.  And the best part?  No need for a gym!

Stay Healthy on Vacation - Inspiration for 2018

Time to Rethink Health – Find Where You Fit

Sometimes we get so caught up in what’s “healthy” and what’s not.   Especially during this time of the year.  But Lindsay makes some great points, so check out how she’s “rethinking health”.

Rethink Health - Inspiration for 2018

What Death Teaches About Life – Lakes and Lattes

This New Year, you don’t need to make a resolution about working out more, or eating healthier foods.  Take Malini’s advice and make a resolution to LIVE MORE!

Death Teaches about Life - Inspiration for 2018

10 Things Learned from Struggle with Weight Loss – Wear Love Wanders

Kimberly opens up and gets super vulnerable to share what she’s learned from her struggle with weight loss.  It can be a long and hard journey, but not one you need to travel alone.  Check out the 10 things she’s learned, and join her on her journey!

10 Things Learned from Weight Loss Struggle - Inspiration for 2018

Essential Oils 101 – Breathe It All In

I’ve never actually tried essential oils, but this post may just inspire me to!  Learn all about them and why they’re so great from Liz!

Essential Oils 101 - Inspiration for 2018

Wherever You Are, Be Fully There – My Life in the Blink

This is SUCH great advice from Shannon.  Whatever and wherever you are in life, be fully there.  Don’t be thinking about the millions of other tasks you have to finish.  Those can wait.

Wherever You Are, Be Fully There - Inspiration for 2018

Vision Boards – 614 Mom

This is a great idea to try in the next few days!  Vision boards are so perfect to help you, well, visualize your goals.  So do what Eryn does – grab some wine, light some candles, and build your goals for the year!Vision Board - Inspiration for 2018

And There You Have It

So find a post above that speaks to you, and start your New Year off with a bang!  This is going to be your year 🙂

What are your goals for 2018?  I’d love to hear all about them!

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