How to Keep the Holidays Healthy, but Still Fun!

Now that it’s November, it’s completely acceptable to play Christmas music right??  However you answered that, you can’t argue that everywhere you go, Thanksgiving and Christmas surround you!  Decorations and food – it’s all changed from Fall and Halloween, to the Holidays (and I’m not complaining!).  But with the Holidays, come a lot of ways to overindulge.  It can be hard to strike a balance from being healthy to enjoying yourself.  Luckily, I’ve rounded up several tips on how you can keep the Holidays healthy, but still have fun 🙂

It's not always easy to merge having fun and staying healthy, but these tips, tricks, and real life examples will show you how you can keep your Holidays healthy but still have fun! Don't compromise tradition, and don't gain weight! It's a win-win!

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75 Health and Fitness Gifts for the Fitness Fanatic in Your Life!

It’s that time again!  The most wonderful time of the year!  Don’t be caught unprepared for that fitness lover in your life!  There are a MULTITUDE of fitness gifts for your runner, or yogi, or clean eater and this list makes it easy to find a gift for each one.

It's that time of year again! Christmas is right around the corner and this list of fitness gifts has you covered! Whether your fitness fanatic is looking for exercise equipment or gear, clothing or food, or even subscription boxes, this holiday list has it all!

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How to Gain Healthy Weight – The Right Way!

So many times we find articles on how to lose weight, which is super key in getting your health back on track.  Most Americans are on this side of the table.  However, there are a number of people that are looking to GAIN healthy weight!  Whether they have had eating issues, or a fast metabolism, or are a competitive body builder, or returning from a major surgery, doesn’t matter.  There are right ways to gain healthy weight, and there are… let’s just say, not so right ways!  Let’s dive in!

Often times people are looking to lose weight, however there are those that want or need to GAIN weight! But you don't just want to gain any weight, you want to gain HEALTHY weight. And it's not as easy as it sounds. Check out these tips!

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October Workout of the Month – Back and Core

October is my favorite month!  Partially because it’s my birthday month, but mostly because the weather starts to get cooler, the leaves start to change, and Fall is truly here!  There’s just something about crunching leaves beneath your feet, the smell of a bonfire wafting through the air, and pretty orange pumpkins displayed on front porches 🙂  It all puts me in a good mood!  You know what else puts me in a good mood??  A good back and core workout!  And that’s exactly what this October Workout of the Month is all about!

This October workout of the month focuses on your entire core - including your abs and your back! No crunches involved and you'll be done within 30 minutes!

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9 Healthy Halloween Treats – Perfect for Parties!

Halloween is just around the corner!!  I know, I can’t believe it’s October already either (I feel like I say that every time it’s a new month…)  But you all know what Halloween means – candy, candy and MORE CANDY!  And oh man do I love my candy, but I hate the guilty feeling I get after eating a few pieces.  Okay, okay more like the whole bag.  Jeez, way to call me out!  But don’t fret, there is a way to enjoy all of that Halloween goodness without over doing it on the sugar!  In fact, I’ve got a list of 9 healthy Halloween treats that’ll prove you don’t need to stock up on candy to make it a Halloween to remember!

Looking for healthier alternatives this Halloween? Look no further! These 9 healthy Halloween treats are perfect for any party and are sure to be a hit! There's a mix of fruits, veggies, pumpkin flavor, and a twist on a classic candy!

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