12 Week Workout Program


12 week workout program with upper body, lower body, total body, and core exercises that can be done anywhere, in 30 minutes or less, with only a pair of dumbbells.  An accountability group to help you stay on track, and a bonus recipe book!


Are you looking to make a healthy lifestyle change?  To lose those last stubborn pounds?  Or just find a workout program that actually works for you?  Then check out this 12 week workout program!

Here’s the deal:

  • 3 sets of 4 week workouts
  • Upper body, lower body, total body, and core
  • Limited equipment necessary (only dumbbells)
  • 30 minutes or less each day
  • Workouts that can be completed anywhere

The program comes with the recommended schedule and pictures and descriptions of each exercise!

In addition to the program, you’ll also get two bonuses!

  1. Access to the accountability group where you’ll meet others on the same journey as you!  You’ll also find videos showing each exercise.
  2. A healthy recipe book!  11 recipes with breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack ideas!

Here’s what others are saying about the program:

Shannon – “Just Keep it Simple Fitness has created a program that is exactly what I have been looking for! It is realistic and yet challenging! The program is easy to work into your daily life as each workout is quick, yet effective! I love that with 20-25 minutes 4-5 days a week I am seeing real results!”

Beverly – “Just Keep it Simple Fitness has been the perfect program for this first time Mom. The ability to do a quick workout at home while my son naps or early morning before he wakes has been great since I went back to work.”

Katie – “The Just Keep It Simple Fitness program is so easy to fit into everyday life. I love that I can print out the step by step guide for each workout and do it while I am watching TV.”

Julie – “I was a complete newbie to strength training without machines. I had been wanting to do it at home for so long but intimidation kept me from trying! With the help of Kathleen’s videos and her encouragement and instruction in our online accountability group, I have been able to do these exercises on my own, at my convenience, in my own home! I have lost weight, become more toned and feel stronger! This program has given me so much confidence! I highly recommend it!”



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