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November Workout of the Month – Single Leg Lower Body

Fall is in full swing and Thanksgiving is just around the corner (check out this amazing gift guide if you’re looking for the perfect gift your fitness fanatic friend/brother/sister/hubby etc.)!  So it’s time for our favorite series, Workout of the Month!  We’re heading back to our lower body and I thought it was only appropriate to do one more workout outside before it gets too cold.  So bundle up, grab your water, some dumbbells (if you want), and a chair, and let’s get to it!This November workout of the month is focused entirely on your lower body. Each move is single leg to ensure you're working both legs evenly! I promise your legs will be feeling it after this killer lower body workout!

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October Workout of the Month – Back and Core

October is my favorite month!  Partially because it’s my birthday month, but mostly because the weather starts to get cooler, the leaves start to change, and Fall is truly here!  There’s just something about crunching leaves beneath your feet, the smell of a bonfire wafting through the air, and pretty orange pumpkins displayed on front porches 🙂  It all puts me in a good mood!  You know what else puts me in a good mood??  A good back and core workout!  And that’s exactly what this October Workout of the Month is all about!

This October workout of the month focuses on your entire core - including your abs and your back! No crunches involved and you'll be done within 30 minutes!

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September Workout of the Month – Upper Body

Anyone else LOVE fall?!  I know technically, September is still Summer, but to me, September means Fall!  And that means sweaters and boots, scarves, pumpkins, changing leaves, and sweatshirts and sweatpants (because let’s be honest, that’s usually what I’m wearing!).  Now that it’s the middle of September, it’s time for another workout of the month.  For this one, we’re going to be focusing solely on the upper body – biceps, shoulders, triceps, and back.  So let’s get to it, September’s workout of the month!

This upper body workout targets all of the major muscles including your biceps, triceps, shoulders, and back. Add in the burpees and you've got a calorie blasting workout that will surely pump up your heart rate!

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Must-Have Pieces for Your Perfect Home Gym (without breaking the bank)!

Anyone else have a love/hate relationship with the gym?  I love going to the gym for the variety of equipment. Most of the time though, I hate the gym because I have to get dressed, get in my car, find a locker, work out, possibly talk to someone, or share a piece of equipment, cool off, get back in my car, drive home… you get the point.  Having a home gym resolves all of those issues.  How much easier would it be to simply walk downstairs to your basement and do a complete workout??  I can tell you from experience, much easier!  But Kathleen, you say, a home gym is expensiveeee.  And yes, it definitely can be.  Which is why I’m here to help.  No matter your budget, you can create your own personalized home gym and effectively work out day in and day out.

Hate going to the gym? Create your own home gym! It doesn't have to be fancy and expensive, in fact you just need a few "must-have" items! And I promise they won't break the bank!

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